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Filing and regulatory requirements

What information and statutory records must I keep for a LTD company?

The company records prove share ownership and other information about the shareholders and directors. They also prove that your LTD company is valid and legal.

The registers need to be made available for anyone to inspect if requested, although it’s uncommon.

All Limited Companies, by law, must keep registers of the following:

A register of members. This details when each person became a shareholder or ceased to be a shareholder and a statement of the shares held. The names and addresses of the shareholders are also recorded.

A register of directors details including names, address, date of birth, nationality, business occupation and country of origin.

A register of secretaries is only necessary if a LTD has nominated one.

A register of people with significant control (PSC) must also be recorded.

A register of charges is only necessary if you have a mortgage on a property owned by the company and details the rights the LTD company gives to the lender.

LTD companies also need to keep records of board and director meetings. For small companies, these are usually just records detailing company dividends.

If you have formed your LTD company through Duport we provide your initial board meeting minutes and you can use them as a template for future meetings. You can either maintain these records digitally (digital registers are provided to Duport customers to manage) or keep a hard copy at the registered office address.

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