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Every company needs a registered office, where Companies House, the Inland Revenue and legal authorities can serve official documents and assume that they have been received by the company directors, but this does not need to be your trading address.

If you work from home and do not wish your home address to be on public records, or if you don't have a suitable address within the UK or in the appropriate part of the UK, Duport can provide you with a registered office.

We also keep details of your company's shareholders and officers, which must be available for public scrutiny at your registered office, so you must keep Duport Associates up to date with all this information.

Our Registered Office fee covers the cost of digital forwarding official documents via email. You therefore release Duport Associates in this respect from the protection of postal secrecy, as it is necessary to provide our services. Trade or personal mail, including letters from banks, clients and suppliers are not included in the standard service but can be additionally paid for by upgrading to the Official Mail Forwarding service or our Trade Mail Forwarding service.

Upgrading to the Official Mail forwarding service means that letters sent by Companies House, the Inland Revenue and other official bodies will be posted to you, unopened, via Royal Mail services.

Our Trade Mail Forwarding service will forward all business and personal mail, unopened via Royal Mail. We will do our best to filter out any mail considered as 'junk mail' (mass mail drops, catalogues etc) and return them to sender. The postage costs of forwarding trade mail, via Royal Mail, will be billed monthly. We only recover the costs we have incurred in postage. We do not accept parcels and deliveries will be refused and returned to source.

Using Duport as your registered office can keep your home address out of public records, and provide your company with a suitable address within the UK.


This product may be ordered as part of your company formation.

Process Time

We can process immediately upon receipt of your ID in accordance with UK money laundering regulation.


All limited companies.

Important Notes

Duport provide a registered office service to clients at its discretion. To legally provide this service in accordance with UK money laundering regulations you will be asked to supply identification verifying your identity.

This service is renewable annually. A renewal invoice is issued each year several weeks prior to the renewal date. If payment is not received this service ceases and Duport will notify Companies House.

Duport Associates Limited discharges its responsibility when documents are handed over to the public mail service, addressed to the last postal address provided to us. Our registered office service does not cover completion of your company's annual return (this is included in our company filing service).

Users of our registered office service must keep us informed of any change to their forwarding address and telephone, fax or email contact points. If clients' mail is returned undelivered we will be obliged to inform the appropriate authorities of our inability to establish contact with the officers of your company.

A renewal invoice is issued each year several weeks prior to the renewal date. If payment is not received this service ceases. You must immediately notify us of your new registered office so we can inform Companies House.

In the event that a new registered office address is not provided to us we are obliged to inform Companies House of your last known contact details and advise them that your company no longer seems to have a qualifying registered office. If they then determine that your company is no longer compliant with the registration requirements for a limited company they may decide to remove your company from the Register.

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