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Sole Trader Registration

Protect your company name and get set up with everything you need for your business, including HMRC registration in just a few hours. Just search to find your perfect company name.

Protecting your company name

Get everything you need to start up as a Sole Trader with the option to protect your company name at Companies House. Protecting your company name with Duport means that it can't be registered by another business. We do all the paperwork and your details remain private.

  • Secure payment
  • 5 mins to complete
  • 4-8 hours to register
  • Companies House

What do you get?

  • Registration within a few hours, via our direct link with HMRC saving you weeks of time and admin.
  • Your vital UTR number (unique taxpayers reference) posted to your address
  • In-depth guide to operating as a sole trader
  • Name protection at Companies House (if required)
  • Contract for full rights to your chosen company name (if required)
  • Filing notifications that ensure that you won't miss any deadlines
  • Monthly tax updates that keep you legally compliant and ensure you get more of your earnings
  • A Fast Track Barclays business bank account
  • Accounting for sole trader information
  • VAT and Payroll services for an additional charge

What does it cost

It costs as little as £29.99 to start up as a Sole Trader or £49.99 if you'd like to add name protection at Companies House.

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Pricing & Payment

£29.99 or £49.99 with name protection
  • Company name protection at Companies House, will ensure the name is always available for future trading use, preventing anyone trading under your name and give a professional impression to anyone researching your company.
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How can you pay

  • We take all standard forms of card payment, or if you prefer you can call our helpful team to pay by phone

Important Notes

  • You can register free of charge directly with HMRC however you will need to apply for an account which can take 7 - 10 days
  • Companies House only process Limited company requests Monday to Friday 9-5, but you can submit your application through this site any time
  • HMRC only process registrations Monday to Friday 9-5, but you can submit your application through this site any time
  • UTR numbers are posted directly to your address usually in 3 - 4 weeks but it can take longer (up to 8) depending on how busy they are
Company Name protection
  • Duport only protect company names in England and Wales
  • All company name protections are made at Companies House Cardiff
  • You should not assume your company name has been approved until you receive your official confirmation from Duport
  • This service is renewable annually should you wish us to continue filing the dormant accounts and Confirmation Statement
  • If you allow your registration to expire, or do not notify Duport of your intention to renew your protection period, you will no longer have exclusive rights to this company name
  • You can contact Duport to upgrade your protected company name to use as your Limited Company at any time. An upgrade fee of £80.00 applies to cover the cost of filing and administration at Companies House.
  • This service is not appropriate to users who intend to use this company name as a charity or limited by guarantee company. In this instance please contact a member of staff to discuss your options
  • We recommend you view the terms and conditions related to this product

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about forming your company with Duport? Have a look through our frequently asked questions to find out more about how to form your company.

Here is a simple guide to some of the most important features of sole traders. More detailed guides to individual aspects of sole traderships can also be found in related guides on the left

sole trader basics

  • A sole trader is a type of company owned by just one person
  • Both the company and the owner can be referred to as a "sole trader"
  • sole traders may not take on partners of shareholders

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Who can be sole trader?

This article explores who is allowed to be a sole trader. It does not cover the advantages, disadvantages or implications of being a sole trader. These can be found in other guides on the navigation to the left of this page.

what is the minimum age for a sole trader?

  • There is no minimum age for sole traders. A sole trader is simply a person representing themselves as a business
  • Unsurprisingly, there is also no maximum age to begin sole trading
  • If you are young, say below 18, you will probably find it harder to obtain credit facilities.

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Sole traders and private limited companies comprise the overwhelming majority of businesses in the UK. If you are planning to start a profit making business, it is highly likely that you should choose between these two company types. In this guide we will use the term limited company to mean a private limited company. Whilst there are a number of limited company types beyond private limited companies, the term limited company is regularly assumed to mean private.

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This guide covers the registration requirements of sole traders.

You must notify HRMC

  • If you intend to trade as a sole trader you must notify HMRC
  • You are registering as self employed and each year you must complete a self assessment tax return
  • You must notify HMRC within 3 months or face a fine

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Need some help?

If you need some help with your order, or can't find the answer to your question in our FAQs, you can always give us a call or drop us an email.