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An apostille is an internationally recognised stamp which verifies the authenticity of documents.

If you need to produce official company documents for banks or authorities outside the UK, you will need an apostille to prove their authenticity. Although you may need additional legislation if the documents are signed by persons other than government officials.

An apostille applied to a signed legal or government document or commercial contract is proof that the document is authentic and is recognised internationally.

You can only apostille a certified incorporation certificate or a good standing certificate.

This is an important product for any company looking to operate outside the UK or open a bank account overseas, as you will probably need an apostille as proof that your documents are valid.


This product may be ordered as part of your company formation.

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Process Time

It takes up to 5 days to receive the certificate and a further 5 days to get the documents apostilled.


Available to all limited companies formed through Duport.

Important Notes

This service is only available for companies formed through Duport Associates Ltd.

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