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Filing and regulatory requirements

What are my filing requirements at Companies House if my Limited Company is not trading?

Even if your company is not trading you must still file a yearly confirmation statement and dormant company accounts at Companies House.

You will need to be ready to submit your accounts by your filing deadline to avoid fines and your company being struck off the register.

To complete your confirmation statement you will need to submit information about:

  • Your registers of debentures and members.
  • Details of your company’s shares (nominal value, voting rights, aggregate value and amount paid up/ unpaid).
  • The business’ principal activities using Standard Industry Codes.

You must also remember to notify Companies House of any changes to your directors, shareholding, PSCs and secretary before completing the statement.

A dormant account does not require a lot of information but can be fiddly and time consuming if you don’t know how to fill it in. We can file both of these documents on your behalf if you don’t want the hassle with our dormant company filing service.

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