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Become a LTD Company

Start your Limited Company with our quick and easy registration process, and get advice, support and dedicated services to help your business grow.

Start your LTD company
  • Companies House registration
  • All legal documentation
  • In-depth Industry Insights guide with select packages

What is a Limited Company?

A Limited Company is a business registered with Companies House and is run by Directors. You can be the only director of your company, or have multiple directors with different levels of ownership based on their shares in the company.

While Limited Companies require more paperwork and upkeep than a Sole Trader, they also provide more protection, as any business debts are held by the company - not by you personally.

Limited Companies are also usually more tax efficient than Sole Traders. Directors also have more options in terms of income tax, as you can decide to take a salary, dividends or a combination of the two.

Key Considerations

  • Tax efficient

    Ltd Companies are more tax efficient, and you can manage your own income more effectively too

  • Limited liability

    The company carries all liabilities and debts, which Directors are not personally liable for

  • Good for multiple owners

    If you have multiple owners or Directors, a Ltd Company structure is more flexible

  • More paperwork

    You will have more filing requirements when you form a Limited Company

  • Public registration

    Directors' details are listed at Companies House, although you can keep your address private with additional services

Not sure if a Limited Company is the right option for you?

Take our online quiz and find out what type of company will be best and get your free Industry Insights guide too!

How it works

Forming your Limited Company can be quick and easy with Duport. We'll help you set up your company correctly, and give advice and support as you grow.

  1. Register in under 5 minutes

    Our registration process is so straightforward, with no complex questions to trip you up

  2. Set up your FREE Business Account

    LTD Companies must have their own account, and Duport's partners can provide yours for free

  3. Get Insights from your start up guide

    Select packages offer you an in-depth look at your sector with Industry Insights

  4. Duport complete your registration

    We check over and submit your details to Companies House for a successful registration

  5. Receive your documentation

    You'll be sent your Company Number, Incorporation Certificate, Memorandum and Articles of Association

Once your Limited Company has been registered, Duport will be here for you whenever you need us. With help, advice, support and services to help your business grow.

Start your LTD company

Register and get your FREE industry insights guide

Industry Insights are in-depth guides full of vital details about running a business in your industry, including:

  • How much it costs to start up
  • Average pricing and how much to charge
  • What insurances and accreditations you might need
  • Advice on how to market and promote your business

Each Industry Insights guide is unique to your sector, giving you a clear picture of your market and making sure you start a step ahead of the competition.

Industry Insights are available with select packages, see our full range of packages for details.

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Start your business the right way with Duport

Establishing a business and making it a success needs more than just registration. You need the right information, the right support and the right services at the right time.

As a small company ourselves, Duport understand better than anyone the questions, concerns and worries that come with running your own business. That's why we're here way beyond your initial formation, helping you with advice on everything from tax requirements to taking on your first employees.

When you choose Duport you get:

  • Quick & easy online registration
  • Specialist advice for Limited Companies
  • Support from our friendly team of experts
  • Services to help your business grow

We love to see our customers' businesses boom, and we're here to make that happen for you too.

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Packages start from £15.99

It's quick and easy to get your Limited Company up and running with our online registration process. We'll help you through all the steps so that you can get your new business started, and we'll be here to help you as you grow.

Register your new business

Get access to ExclusiveServices

Starting your business is so much more than just registration. With Duport you can also get access to exclusive services and optional extras, from keeping your personal details off the public register, to setting up a business account.

  • Service address

  • Domain services

  • Registered office

  • Accountancy services

  • Banking options

Popular FAQs

Still have questions? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions people ask about Limited Companies

Limited Companies are often the best structure if you're running a business where you don't want to be personally liable for business debts, or if you have multiple people with a stake in the business.

Directors of Limited Companies need to be at least 16 years of age, you cannot be an undischarged bankrupt, and you must not currently be disqualified as a Director.

To register your Limited Company you will need to provide the following details:

  • As the person setting up the business, you will need to provide your:
    • Phone number
    • Email address
  • All Directors, Shareholders, Secretary and PSCs will need to provide their:
    • Full name
    • Occupation
    • Current address
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Security question & answer
    • Share allocation
  • Your business name
  • The address of your business

If you want to keep your business address, or the addresses of any Directors, Shareholders, Secretary or PSCs off the public register, you can use our Service Address and Registered Office Address services which are both included with our Compliance and Instant Trading packages.

IDs of all Directors, Shareholders, Secretary and PSCs will be checked electronically, but in some cases we may need to request further proof of ID or address.

To meet our regulatory requirements we must verify the identity of each member (e.g director/shareholder) appointed during the company formation or using our address services.

To do this we will conduct an electronic check with Credit Safe. A link will be sent to each director/shareholder who will need to have one of the following to complete the check:

  • Copy of current valid passport
  • Current valid UK or EEA photo card driving licence
  • Residence Permit issued by the Home Office to EEA Nationals.

Limited Companies need to have their own account for business finances.

If you register with Duport, you can get a free business account as part of the process.

Limited Companies have annual filing requirements with both Companies House and HMRC. These include:

  • Confirmation Statement
  • Company Tax Returns
  • Statutory Accounts
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Account

If you don't want to spend your time and energy keeping on top of all your financial and filing requirements, Duport have a range of Accountancy services that can manage it all for you.

If you are using a personal address as your Registered Office, or want to keep the addresses of Directors, Shareholders, Secretary and PSCs private, then you can use Duport’s Service Address and Registered Office Address service to keep these details off the public register.

Both of these services are included with our Compliance and Instant Trading packages.

Yes, you can register from outside the UK, but you will need a UK Registered Office. If you don’t have a suitable address for this, you can use Duport’s Registered Office service, which is included with our Compliance and Instant Trading packages.

You can cancel your order at any point. Refunds will only be issued if you have not accessed any of your purchased services.

Your right to a refund is waived if:

  • Your registration has been submitted to Companies House
  • OR
  • You have requested or viewed any digital ebooks or reports included in your purchase

Your initial registration is a one-off service. However your package may include services that do need to be renewed annually. These can include:

  • Service Address and Registered Office Address services
  • Domain & hosting services
  • Accountancy services

Your Unique Taxpayer Reference or UTR is the number that HMRC uses to identify you as a self-employed person. It's what you will need to use to submit your Self Assessment Tax Return.

Need some help?

If you need a little advice on the best options for you, or have a question that's not in our FAQ, Duport's expert team are here to help. Give us a call during office hours or email us any time and we'll help you out.