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Company Seal
Company Name Plate
Certificate of Good Standing
Company Secretary
£120.00 per year
Registered Office
£120.00 per year
SSL Certificate
£55.00 per year
Confirmation Statement
Share Certificates x4
Company Minutes
Digital Company Register
Service Address
£15.00 per year
Dormant Company Filing
Director, Secretary, PCS Appointments
Director, Secretary, PCS Removal
Officer and company address changes
SH01 Allotment of Shares

grab some extras

A healthy diet is all about grabbing the right nutrients. Pick from our list of extras to get exactly what your business needs to flourish.

At Duport we understand that every business is different, and will need different products to help it grow. Instead of bundling all our services into one package we offer stand-alone products and services, so that you can select exactly what you need for your company.

You can pick and choose from our list of extras to make sure you have exactly the right combination of products and services that your company will need, without having to pay for excess services that you don't require.

want more support?

Once you have formed your company, Duport won't leave you fluttering in the breeze.

We want to support our clients for as long as they need us and can provide items and services that you may need after you have formed your company.

When you want to bring in new shareholders, appoint a new director or company secretary or when you need to change the fundamental constitution of your company, we can provide the support and service you need.

If you have any questions, our formations team is always happy to help. Call us on 0117 950 2667 with any enquiries. (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00)


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