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Registering a company

Why do I need a reserved company name?

There are 4 reasons you may want to use this service:

  1. You are not ready to start your business but have thought of a company name you would like to use and want to protect it so no one else can use it.
  2. You are trading as a sole trader and the company name is important to you. You do not want your customers to be confused with a rival company using your name under a LTD status.
  3. You intend to move from your sole trader business to a LTD company in the future and want to ensure the name will be available.
  4. You want to start setting up your business but need to keep things anonymous until you are ready.

Until you are ready to start trading with the company, there is nothing linking you to your chosen name. Any person who decides to investigate the company name will simply find all key information linked back to Duport.

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