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Domain basics

What is the difference between domains and hosting?

You can use a domain for your website address and your email address. Our domain, for example, is Based on that domain, we have a website at “” and email addresses such as ““.

In order to upload a website or have email traffic, your domain name must be attached to a hosting package. A hosting package is rented space on a physical server so the web files and images that make up your website have a place to be stored. When someone types in your website address into a web browser it is the web servers job to show the stored website files thus showing your website.

Similarly, emails need server space to land and be stored. When you send an email, a copy will leave your hosting server and be stored on the recipient’s server.

Our hosting package includes server memory for both website content and emails, however some people choose to have hosting split between two providers, for example a web designer may hold the web files but not your email services.

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