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Domain basics

How do I keep my domain secure?

Domain security is important for both you and any visitors to your website and cyber crime is on the increase. One form of online fraud is domain hijacking, where your domain is redirected to another website to either steal your traffic or information. Fraudsters also use phishing tricks and send emails pretending to be your domain registrar. They ask you to enter your username and password into replica sites.

It’s not always cyber crime that can cause issues. There are companies who deliberately snap up domains the moment they expire with the intention of selling them back to you at vastly inflated prices.

How to protect your website against cyber fraud:

  • Use SSL certification

  • Ensure website scripting is kept up to date. Eg wordpress must be regularly updated.

  • Use hard to guess passwords for emails and website logins.

  • Use antivirus software on any device accessing your emails or webfiles.

  • Do regular updates to your software including any mail clients, such as Outlook Mac Mail.

  • Be aware and careful of emails containing links asking you to login

  • Have two step verification where possible.

  • Inform your domain registrar of any changes to your contact details immediately

  • Ensure you know when your domain expires (as some registrars may not provide adequate notifications)

  • Consider using a firewall that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on specific security rules. It determines whether to allow or block specific traffic.

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