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Domain basics

Can I transfer a domain I already own to you?


To transfer any domain ending in .uk you will need to change the IPS tag with your current registrar.  You will need to contact who will provide the new IPS tag.  Enter the new IPS tag at your current registrar, the transfer should only take a couple of minutes to update. However, some providers have a ‘handshake’ system where they will need to approve the transfer and therefore the IPS tag may not update automatically.

To transfer the .com you will need to ask your current registrar to unlock your domain and provide you with the EEP/ authorisation code.  You will then need to email with code.  We will request the transfer of your domain with the code, this will then send an authentication email which is sent for approval to the domain owner’s contact email. This process takes a minimum of 5- 7 days.

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