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Starting a business

The company registration process

Last updated: 11 May 2022

When you’ve decided that you want to form a company through Duport, we will take you through the formation process to make sure everything is organised properly.


Step one – choose your company structure

You need to decide which type of company you want before you begin your formation. A standard LTD company is the most popular choice for our customers, suitable for almost all types of trading. If you are unclear, it is worth seeking the advice of a good accountant.


Step two – name your business

You need to pick a name for your new company! Use our company name check tool to make sure your company name is available, and read through our sensitive names and choose a company name guides for more information.


Step three – log in to your Duport account

Create or log in to your Duport account. You can use your account later to monitor the progress of your order.


Step four – complete your details

Tell us about your company.  You will need to appoint at least one director, shareholder & PSC. You may appoint a company secretary if you wish. You will also need to provide your registered office address?

Please make sure you have the following information for each of the appointments:

  • name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • date of birth
  • town of birth
  • nationality
  • occupation
  • Security question- Mothers maiden name or father first name
  • number of shares (shareholders only)


Step five – make your payment

Pay online or by telephone to complete your order.


Step six – receive your documentation

Most orders just take a few hours to complete, and we’ll get your official documents in to you asap!

Congratulations on forming your company!

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