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Business basics: Domains

Last updated: 10 May 2022

What is a domain?

A domain is an address on the internet. The real address is a complex number, but the domain names we use are recognisable words that connect with that number. Special electronic lists match up your domain name with a real location on a computer that is permanently connected to the internet. We create settings within those lists to send and receive your email and to enable people to find your website.


How can I use a domain?

You can use a domain for your website address and your email address. Our domain, for example, is Based on that domain, we have a website at “” and email addresses such as “”.


Do I have to have both email addresses and a website?

No, you can have both or just one or even neither of them. You can even just register a domain and “point” it to another one. Larger companies often do this to help customers who might mistype the proper domain name. i.e. may point to


Is my domain registration unique?

Yes. Each type of domain registration suffix is controlled by a registration authority for the related area. For instance, domains ending in are controlled by the UK central registration authority (known as Nominet). These registration authorities allow only name one registration for each domain type.


Can domain names be similar to each other?

Yes. The same word might be used as a domain name in France (with a .fr suffix) and in the UK (with a suffix). And the same word may be registered as a .com or a .biz domain. Many brand-conscious companies cover themselves by registering their domains in several versions to make sure their competitors don’t lock them out of possible future areas of trading.


Can I register any name I want, if it is available?

No. There are restrictions on the characters that may be used in a domain name. More particularly, if you register a domain name that can be proved to breach a registered trademark, you could be legally compelled to give it up.


Can I use my own SSL certificate?

unfortunately we are currently unable to facilitate using third party SSL certificates with your hosting package. whilst this is something being looked into it may be some time before we are able to support third party SSL certificates.


How can I find my way through all the confusing jargon?

Speak to Duport Associates. We know how frustrating it can be when people use complicated jargon, so we just keep it simple and guide you through.

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