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Company formation basics

Why use a formation agent to set up a limited company?

Most companies are created directly at Companies House, through an accountant or using a formation agency.

Most accountants use formation agencies to set up LTD companies for their clients because it’s easier and often more cost effective and faster.

Creating a company through the Companies House portal is a simple process, however you do need some understanding of how to set it up and that’s why formation agencies exist. We provide you with guidance so your application won’t be rejected as well as lots of supporting services that you may not even know you need.

We can provide you with statutory registers and compliance documents (which you cannot get from Companies House) as well as supply you with hard copies of all your paperwork.

Many clients do not want their private addresses to appear on the public Companies House register and formation agents can offer privacy services such as service addresses and registered office addresses.

We can complete your annual statutory filing and we can make introductions to banking, accountancy, email and website services saving you time and hassle.

Most formation agents will also provide start up support in the form of ebooks and downloadable guides.

To check a formation agent is legitimate, check Companies House for a list of approved suppliers

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