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Charity Registration

Charity Registration

Not for profit company designed to promote a specific charitable cause.


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Non-Profit (residents associations and sports clubs)

Non-Profit (residents associations and sports clubs)

Not-for-profit companies are designed to hold funds for residents associations, sports clubs & societies.


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Limited partnerships are often used by professionals such as dentists, accountants and architects.


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limited partnerships

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Working together to help your business blossom.

Limited partnerships are very similar to limited companies in that they both offer a limited liability to their company's members. However, there are two very important differences:

  • a limited liability partnership (LLP) is taxed as a partnership, and can be organised with more flexibility
  • LLPs don't have directors or shareholders, but can have as many members as you choose. Members should be formally appointed at the point of formation, or by the other members at a later date

LLPs are designed for the types of profession that have traditionally insisted on a partnership format such as lawyers and doctors. For most normal trading businesses a standard limited company is usually preferable.

process time

Companies House typically take 6-8 working hours to register the company

important notes

It is highly recommended that you take specialist advice before registering a limited liability partnership.

Please wait for confirmation of your company number before ordering company stationary or otherwise assuming ownership of the company name.

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