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Wandering Alice Yoga

Alice Griffin Wandering Yoga

Today we caught up with Alice who has recently begun her journey as a Yoga teacher.

Alice offers online and in-person yoga and meditation classes for individuals looking to slow down, simplify life and reconnect with themselves.

What was your motivation for starting?

The desire to share with others the body and mind benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice.

What is unique about your yoga business?

I offer online yoga and meditation lessons from my narrowboat!

This means I have less space than your average yoga teacher, but I see this as my unique selling point—inspiring others that they too can practice yoga even if they think they don’t have enough space.

Did you have previous experience in yoga?

I have been a yoga student for more than twenty years, but only decided to embark on my teacher training in 2022. I’m so glad I did because now I get to share this wonderful practice with my community!

What is your top tip for starting in yoga?

There are so many different styles of yoga teachers, so I would say—discover what it is that yoga brings to you personally, and then share that with others through your teaching.

For me, yoga is about taking time to slow down and connect back to my body and mind so I provide online and in-person yoga and meditation lessons for those on a similar path.

Any technology that’s been really useful?

I use my laptop to zoom lessons and connect with my Wandering Alice Yoga Community (Facebook), who are all over the world. I literally do not need anything else, other than a lapel mic for recording.

What do you find is the most successful form of marketing?

Niche Facebook groups where my ideal clients hang out, and old-fashioned flyers/ads in my local area!

How does working for yourself compare to working for someone else?

There is such a sense of freedom when you work for yourself! And real joy found in following your true passion. Yes, it’s harder as you have only yourself to rely on, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What were the most challenging things about starting your business?

Keeping on top of the admin side such as logging students and payments etc. and staying on top of creative ways to advertise and connect with potential clients.

Any advice you’d offer to someone starting a business?

Follow your passion and take the leap to sharing it with the world. Living bravely is not always easy, but it is always rewarding.


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