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How to Ensure Your Business Name is Unique and Ready to Use

Checking Your Business Name availability

The Ultimate Guide to Checking Your Business Name is available.

Congratulations on finding the ideal business name! It’s catchy and creative nature truly captures your brand’s vision. Let’s address an important question – is it safe to use? It could be pretty costly to discover that someone else has already claimed that perfect name after you launch your business. However, there’s no need to worry because we are here to support you. Today we present your reliable road map – the ultimate checklist to ensure your business name is ready for action!

 Step 1:

Check the names available at Companies House

Companies House is the official UK government website for registered companies. Even if you plan to register as a Sole Trader it’s still very important to check. There may be scenarios where registration at Companies House becomes necessary later.

Step 2:

Verify Trademarks with IPO

To protect your brand identity, it’s crucial to ensure that your desired name is not trademarked.

Visit the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and search their trademark database to avoid any legal complications down the line.

Step 3:

Search for Available Domain Names

Having a professional email address and website is vital for any business today. Before finalising your chosen business name check that it is available as a domain name. Your domain name acts as your digital first impression and should match your business name.

Step 4:

Conduct a Google Search

To ensure uniqueness in the market. Conduct a quick search on Google using your chosen business name. Look out for any existing businesses or products.

Step 5:

Social Media Handles

Check existing usernames (handles) on social media: they usually start with “@”, for example we use “@duportUK” on Facebook, Instagram etc. Here’s a list of the main ones but remember there may be others more specific to your industry.

The main channels to check are:









Sorting and recording your findings.

For each step, list any existing or closely matching businesses, URLs, and social media handles. This side-by-side comparison will make it a whole lot easier if you need to adapt your chosen name.

Here’s a guide to help you do that

Choosing a business name marks the beginning of an exciting journey; embrace it, enjoy it and be assured that we are here to provide guidance every step of the way. Happy naming!