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Sole Traders

Who can be a Sole Trader?

Last updated: 10 May 2022

This article explores who is allowed to be a Sole Trader. It does not cover the advantages, disadvantages or implications of being a Sole Trader.


What is the minimum age for a Sole Trader?

  • There is no minimum age for Sole Traders. A Sole Trader is simply a person representing themselves as a business
  • Unsurprisingly, there is also no maximum age to begin sole trading
  • If you are young, say below 18, you will probably find it harder to obtain credit facilities.

Can a bankrupt become a Sole Trader?

  • If you were sole trading prior to bankruptcy, you may require permission from the courts to continue trading or start a new business and you cannot mask your identity through the concept of “trading as”
  • If you are a recent bankrupt you may be required to pay a quantity of your income back to your Official Receiver if your business is successful
  • Inevitably you will find it harder to obtain credit facilities

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