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Limited Companies

What is a Registered Office?

Last updated: 11 May 2022

The term registered office (also sometimes called registered address) is considered in the context of a UK private Limited Company in this guide.


Registered Office basics

  • A registered office is also commonly called a registered address
  • It can be thought of as the home address of your business

It is a legal requirement to have a Registered Office

  • From time to time, HMRC or Companies House may wish to issue official notices to your company
  • It is assumed that a notice sent to your registered office has been officially received by your company
  • Your registered office will be held on the public register and is freely available to the public


Practical applications of Registered Offices

  • You companies registered office is not necessarily where your business is carried out (remember it’s the companies home address)
  • Often a registered office service is provided by your accountant or company formation agent
  • Your registered office address must appear on all official company stationery


Registered Office quirks

  • The location of your registered office (at the time of registration) affects whether your company is registered with Companies House in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. This has an impact on your company number
  • A company should display a name plate outside it’s registered office address
  • Certain lease agreements may prohibit you from using that premise as a registered office address – so check!

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