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Example of Charitable Aims

Last updated: 11 May 2022

NOTE: Your Company’s incorporation documents must include a statement of the aims of the organisation. These brief points indicate “why” rather than “how” you will run the company. The basic format of the document is dictated by the Charities Commission but this section is individual to your company. The following examples may not exactly match your objectives, but will give you ideas about how to word your Aims.


Examples of Aims for Charities

These are to be incorporated into your Memorandum of Association


EXAMPLE 1 – A counselling service

3. The objects of the company are:

3.1 To provide counselling and support to …… in conditions of need, physical or mental suffering & distress after ……

3.2 To enable such persons to receive help compassion and support and assist and counsel them, at their discretion, to decide on their appropriate way forward.

3.3 To educate, inform and encourage such people of their rights prior to them embarking upon a particular course of action.

3.4 To educate and inform the public in general of the rights of …… and to highlight to the public when those rights are violated in any way.

3.5 To encourage the government of the day to provide legal support to ……free of charge in every case.


EXAMPLE 2 – A charity in support of people affected by a specific disabling condition

3. The objects of the company are:

3.1 To raise funds on behalf of people who are severely disabled by……

3.2 To seek to improve the quality of life and independence of such beneficiaries

3.3 To use appropriate means to publicise and promote the cause

3.4 To organise appropriate fundraising events and activities


EXAMPLE 3 – A multicultural training service

3. The objects of the company are:

3.1 To create employment opportunities by giving training to …… Qualification levels or other appropriate qualifications in …… leading to …… examinations.

3.2 To promote work in …… countries to assist the education of poor people.

3.3 In the interests of public health, to educate people about food safety in the regions where the company operates.

3.4 To carry out these activities in …… in order to help the community as a whole irrespective of cast creed and religion.


EXAMPLE 4 – An awareness and fundraising campaign

3. The objects of the company are:

3.1 To promote understanding of …….

3.2 To advance the care of ……

3.3 To organise events and activities to generate income for the cause.

3.4 To facilitate the purchase, development and management of……


EXAMPLE 5 – A conservation project

3. The objects of the company are:

3.1 For the benefit of society worldwide, to encourage and provide support for all aspects of the conservation of xxx (both in situ and ex situ) and their habitats.

3.2 To encourage and provide education, training and the dissemination of information about xxx and their habitats.

3.3 To encourage and promote scientific research relating to xxx conservation.

3.4 To encourage, support and engage in fundraising for the furtherance of the above aims.


EXAMPLE 6 – An arts and education project

3. The objects of the company are:

3.1 The promotion of education by means of artistic productions and activities to be available for people of all ages.

3.2 The promotion of artistic education for the benefit of the public by means of concerts, recitals, exhibitions, festivals, dramatic productions, film and other artistic media.

3.3 Organisation of participatory workshops across a range or artforms with access to people of all ages and abilities.

3.4 Promotion and/or organisation of other artistic events consistent with the above.


EXAMPLE 6 – A community based service for the unemployed

3. The objects of the company are:

3.1 To provide training for unemployed people, initially but not exclusively, within the xxx area.

3.2 To offer training services to unemployed people regardless of age or background.

3.3 To provide training and work placement opportunities in a multi-media discipline.

3.4 To co-operate with other charities and organisations to achieve common goals in synergy with the above stated Aims.

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