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How can a website benefit my business?

Last updated: 10 May 2022

When I buy a domain, does that mean I will also have a website?

No, a website must be designed for your domain and must be ‘hosted’ on a web server (a special type of computer that is permanently connected to the internet). If you opt to use Duport to host your domain you will have access to WordPress where you can create your own free website. If you are looking for a designed or customised website you would need to employ the skills of a professional website developer. Once you have the site designed the developer will be able to upload your site to our server.


I have a website how do I make it visible on the internet?

You will also need to find a web server to host your website. We can provide hosting for your domain which will allow you to upload your domain via your own FTP access. Alternatively, there are many companies who offer this service, with varying degrees of quality. Choose your hosting company carefully, as an apparently cheap deal may not prove to be quite what it seems. Try to find a host with a good reputation for service, or your website may not be available online all the time. This will be quite unpopular with your customers and search engines. Make sure you are not restricted to small amounts of web space, as this may inhibit the number of pages your website can have.


How can I build a website?

When you opt to use Duport to host your domain you will have access to a WordPress. WordPress is arguably the most popular website/blogging software available today. You can create a free website which you can customise, you can drop and drag photos, edit and update your site whenever you need, giving you complete control! It’s easy to install and use and will allow you to have a great looking site in minutes. You will also have access to other site building programmes such as Joomla, Drupal and e-commerce software.


Can I redirect my domain name to another hosting provider?

Yes you can. You can either request access to your DNS records or you can email the DNS records, such as A records or Name Servers to

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