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How branded email works

Last updated: 11 May 2022

How do I send email as

To do this you will need to set up the email address with your hosting provider. Once set up you will need to enter your mail settings into a Mail Client, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail or on a device (phone or tablet). The mail settings will be available from your host provider. If you opt to use Duport you will also have access to Web Mail. Web mail allows you to access your emails from any computer or device without the need to set up your email in a mail client. If you require mail settings for a mail client please email


Can I have people send mail to, and receive it in my hotmail or yahoo mail?

Yes, this is called forwarding. It is a bit like giving the post office a mail forwarding address. Mail will be automatically and instantly forwarded to the mail account you choose. The limitation with this arrangement, is that you cannot send or reply to mail as, it would instead be sent from for instance.


Can I use more than one mail box?

It is quite common for smaller companies to have many mail addresses such as, and This gives your customers the impression that you are a larger organisation than you actually might be, and is particularly useful when used on a website. The prefixes you use (i.e. sales, enquiries etc…) are entirely up to you. Duport’s hosting package includes 100 email address.


How do I set up the email address in my computer

We have also created online tutorials to help you with two of the most popular email programs. We are also happy to help our customers over the phone. If you have a friend or relation who understand these things, you may do well to have them sit with you and explain it.

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