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Lula & Nova – complimentary packaging products

As commonly seen at Purple Shoots, Richard had a matrimonial split that resulted in him becoming a single parent & stay at home dad. Wanting to launch a new business with his partner, Stacey Payne, providing complementary services, he needed finance to get it started.  With no other lenders able to help, Richard was pleased to be introduced to Purple Shoots.

Lula & Nova was born to support the existing services offered by Stacey’s business SLS Creative, a graphic design company. Richy & Stacey started Lula & Nova as a family run business due to Stacey’s obsession with packaging, and a desperate desire for more exciting designs.

The company is named after their two-year-old twins Luna (Lulu) and Nova, who are the youngest of five children. As Luna and Nova spend their days trying to make running a business as difficult as possible. However, the two-year-old twins manage to be very cute with all the disruption they cause and, as a result, are generally forgiven. By pitching in with the packaging the older children lend a hand too. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty full-on operation!

The unique packaging Richy has developed for Lulu & Nova is eye-catching and eco-friendly. The business speciality is self-adhesive, recyclable paper tape. Available in a range of bold, fun prints. These tapes, with their matching stationery and wrapping designed to make the unboxing experience pleasurable. Continuing to follow the SLS Creative approach of focusing on communicating directly with clients, getting to know them, understanding and listening to the clients, enables business relationships that are built on trust.

Stacey & Richy care greatly for the environment in which they live & want to leave it behind for their children; this is an industry in which they can do their bit for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle! It’s hard not to get excited by Lulu & Nova’s products – their signature tapes, thank you – you’re amazing tapes, happy mail tapes, botanical eco-friendly tapes, cotton botanical tapes, their cards, display bags, envelopes, stickers & paper.

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Duport give 10% of all company profits to the Purple Shoots, helping start-ups and ongoing businesses with financial assistance.