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Jordan Jones – RiKaSysTemZ Ltd


Jordan had already been running her business for 5 years by the time she needed financial help. Initially Jordan started as a Zumba instructor and later became a fitness coach.

Before starting her business, Jordan had been through a difficult period, which had sapped her confidence. In starting the fitness and nutrition business, she wanted to encourage both emotional and psychological well-being through friendly, non-threatening fitness sessions. Alongside providing advice and help to accompany nutritional development.

Originally, when she started out Jordan ran the business from rented premises, however with high rental costs she was struggling to maintain the business viability. After trying various different business models, she found an option that works. Jordan now trains new instructors free, provides them with all the equipment and routines needed for the classes and RikaSysTemZ then takes a cut from the instructors as they develop their classes. A quality assurance system is in place to ensure delivery quality.

The loan supplied by Purple Shoots enabled the growth and change in business model. There is now a network of trained instructors across the UK, developing a strong brand under the RikaSysTemZ format. RiKaShaKe® is a mini-trampoline fitness workout and there are so far 11 distinct RiKa class formats to keep her members engaged and progressing. In addition to the physical aspect of the Klub, it provides an in-depth understanding of nutrition.

The Purple Shoots loan inadvertently prepared Jordan for the introduction of lockdowns. Part of the loan was earmarked for investment to improve the online business presence. When lockdown hit, Jordan was able, temporarily, to transfer the whole business online and all its instructors and members were able to continue classes throughout the entire lockdown period.

Duport give 10% of all company profits to the Purple Shoots, helping start-ups and ongoing businesses with financial assistance.


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