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Fraudulent Use of an Address by a UK Limited Company

fraudulent use of address

Duport Associates prides itself on providing comprehensive company registration and business support to individuals and organisations across the UK and beyond. Today, we want to shed light on a growing concern – the fraudulent use of an address by a UK limited company. In this blog post, we will delve into the implications of such actions and the process of requesting an address change through Companies House.

The Importance of Address Authorisation

When setting up a UK limited company, providing accurate and up-to-date information, including a registered office address, is vital. This address serves as the official contact point for the company and is publicly available for various legal and administrative purposes. Therefore, it is crucial that the address is genuine, and the company is authorised to use the address.

Unauthorised Use and Fraudulent Address

Instances of individuals fraudulently using an address without authorisation have been on the rise. These dishonest users may utilise the address of a legitimate UK limited company or may use the address of an unsuspecting homeowner to create a false impression of credibility or to deceive others. If you find that a company has used your address without your knowledge or authorisation there are steps you can take to change the address and ways to inform Companies House.

Steps you can take

Initially, you would raise a case with Companies House to say that the company has no authority to use your address as its registered address. This can be done by phone on 0303 1234 500 or by email

Companies House have a default address which they will use for any companies found to be using a registered office address fraudulently. In most instances, Companies House will require a specific form to be filled in showing proper procedure has been followed and evidence logged before they change to this default address.

Form RP07 – Application to change a company’s disputed registered office address

The form RP07 allows individuals or companies to change the registered address of anyone using it without authorisation and is available to download from Companies House here: RP07 download

The fastest way to file the RP07 is to use the Companies House file upload service: Companies House document upload service

You will need to create a personal account with your email address before you are able to use the upload service, but it is significantly faster than sending forms by post. However, there is a postal option on the form if you prefer.

Information required for an RP07 and where to find it

Sections 1&2: Your details, name & address, as the applicant.

Section 3: Company Details, these are the details about the company using your address fraudulently.

You will need to provide the company name in full with the correct ending (LTD, Limited, LLP etc).

You will also need to include the company number. You can search the online company register to find out the company number if you do not have it to hand see

Section 4: The current registered address.

Section 5: A short explanation of the reasons why you want the address to be changed.

Section 6: – your signature as the applicant.

Evidence – You will be required to include evidence with your application. There is a list on page one of the form detailing examples, such as a land registry deed dated within the last year, a utility bill dated within 6 months or a business lease to show your company has the right to the address rather than the company using the address without consent.

Once Companies House have your RP07 & evidence they will review the reasoning.

Assuming your evidence is in order they will send you notice that they have begun the process to change the address.

Companies House will write to the company at the registered address and to the individual company officers requesting they update the address. The law states that they must be given 28 days to change the address. If the address is not changed after the 28-day period Companies House will change the address to their default address and send notice to the company and its officers. Alternatively, if the company can provide sufficient evidence that they have the right to use the current address, Companies House will write to you as the applicant and tell you.

If the company does change the address within the 28days, Companies House will write to you and let you know the address has been changed.


In conclusion, the fraudulent use of your address can be both scary and upsetting, but by following the processes details above you can ensure your address is removed as soon as possible and ensure that your address is not fraudulently exploited and maintain the integrity of your own business or residential premises.


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