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Ally Rosez

Ally Rosez

Shamiso (Shamie’s) business, Ally Rosez, is a creative, uplifting entertainment company. They are a hub for creative classes, activities, and courses to motivate both children and adults to facilitate careers. From storytellers, and creators of art, to dreamers of inspirational wearables. No one gets left behind at Ally Rosez.

In addition to teaching dance that is inclusive and accessible to all, Shamie will offer photography classes that embrace both modern and southern African practices. She hopes to inspire those who wish to embark on their own creative journeys to follow the passion she has cultivated throughout her life.

Shamie enjoys the freedom and joy that entrepreneurship can bring. The feeling of contributing to society and impacting people through diverse creative products and services. At Ally Rosez people can take part in affordable activities, employment & entertainment.

However, it has not been easy for Shamie to get to this point in her entrepreneurial career.

Shamie has cerebral palsy, and finding a job with a physical disability can be very challenging. In one job interview, Shamie ended up in tears: the interviewer telling her she was too pretty to be disabled and she should stick to modelling, a career she has already been successful in, because they were concerned that she was not able to carry out the task.

As a result of this experience, Shamie is more motivated than ever to show other entrepreneurs they too can build profitable, impactful, and successful businesses. That interview experience empowered her to use knowledge, skills and passion for art to create a positive impactful creative business.

Frustratingly, there was one more challenge to overcome; accessing the business finance she needed to make her dreams a reality. Through the Responsible Finance website, Shamie discovered Purple Shoots as a finance option. 

Assessing her business idea it was clear to see her passion oozing through. As a result of Shamie’s assessment, we were delighted to offer her a small loan to kickstart her business. We now can’t wait to follow Shamie’s business journey and see to what heights it takes her. 

All too often, prospective entrepreneurs are written off due to circumstances out of their control and are unable to obtain affordable financing. Purple Shoots are working to eradicate this stigma one positive loan and positive story at a time!


Duport give 10% of all company profits to the Purple Shoots, helping start-ups and ongoing businesses with financial assistance.


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