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to: All employees


subject: Office Recycling Programme
On (DATE), (OFFICE NAME) will begin an office recycling programme.        

The objective of this programme is to recycle (LIST PRODUCTS) that we generate in the (OFFICE/FACILITY).

The recycling programme is simple and will require few changes in our daily habits. Each (DEPARTMENT/DESK) will receive a special recycling box in which you should place un-crumpled acceptable types of paper instead of throwing it in the waste bin. A list of the types of paper we are trying to recover is attached to this memo and is printed on the recycling boxes.

At your convenience, please take the accumulated paper to one of the nearby central collection containers. These containers are located (LIST-PRINTERS, COPIERS, OTHER LOCATIONS).

The material that we currently shred will continue to be shredded as usual and will be recycled. If you feel more comfortable tearing a document before placing it in the recycling container, please feel free to do so. The size of the paper does not matter.

There are also boxes for your used drinks containers. They are located in (LOCATIONS). Please make sure that the cans are completely empty. We are only recycling used beverage cans, so do not place food containers in the boxes. Please do not use the recycling containers for other waste. Soon we hope to have composting facilities for kitchen/ catering waste. We are currently looking at other environmental impacts as a result of office practice initiatives and will keep you up to date.

On (DATE), there will be a brief training programme for all employees.

The success of this programme depends on you. (COMPANY) is doing its part to reduce the amount waste sent to landfill or incineration facilities and protecting our environment. Please join us and recycle!


       Chief Executive



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