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I'm self employed

Being self-employed is great; being your own boss, increasing your earnings, creating a good work-life balance. What's not to like?

Well actually having to deal with the record keeping and tax issues that you don't have to think about as an employee.

Despite what the HMRC adverts might say; tax is taxing, it's also confusing, and it can be complicated because it keeps changing but most of all its time consuming because you spend time worrying about it even when it's done.

Lots of self-employed people try to do their own accounts and tax returns because they think that it will save them money, it won't. Traditionally, accountants have been a bit aloof with expensive hourly rates and reluctant customer service.

Duport are different.

We look after your bookkeeping, your accounts and your tax returns from just £25 + VAT per month.

You can have monthly management accounts from a qualified accountant.

Plus all year-round access to your accountant at no extra cost.

Check out our award-winning service.

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