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I'm a freelancer

Freelancers are undoubtedly experts in their chosen field but dealing with accounts and tax are unlikely to be part of your expertise!

If you operate as a Sole Trader or Ltd Company your legal obligations with regards to your tax affairs can be complicated. Don't guess, get advice or you can end up incurring penalties and fines.

So what do you do?

Too many freelancers out there try and do it themselves because they think it will save them money but not many are born lucky, so it rarely happens. Lots of people purchase helpful bookkeeping or accountancy software but you still need knowledge to complete year end accounts and tax returns. The problem is that you still end up spending a lot of time fiddling around with your receipts and learning software; time that could be better spent earning money or with your friends and family and guess what most still employ accountants as well!

Many other people will try to take up the middle ground approach. They the donkey work themselves throughout the year in the hope that when they finally visit an accountant at year end, their fees will be lower. This is rarely the outcome, the costs are seldom clear, your tax bill is a surprise and its too late to correct it if you're making mistakes. You need ongoing advice, clear costs up front and no surprises but of course it's your choice.

What's the choice?

Duport Accounts of course.

Duport Accounts do all of your bookkeeping for you, provide monthly management accounts and ongoing advice and support including your year end accounts and tax returns. All for a low fixed monthly fee.