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I run a small business

Fact! If you're running a business, then you need a good accountant.

Whether you operate as a sole trader, Ltd Company, Partnership or LLP, a good accountant will save you time, money and tax. Duport are very good accountants.

Often, new business owners don't understand the value of a professional accountant because they think it's something they will grow into later. Others just think they can get one later when they need to file accounts, if they get through the first year. Don't kid yourself you need the best advice and you need it now!

Don't try to cut costs by doing the accounts yourself using a piece of bookkeeping software or a spreadsheet because when go and see an accountant at the end of the year (when the deadline is looming!) it won't save you a penny. Get your accountant first and get advice.

With Duport

You can have an accountant at your disposal all year?

You don't have to learn software and just send us your paperwork every month?

You can have monthly accounts prepared by a qualified accountant?

From just £25 + VAT per month you get have all this plus support and advice plus year end accounts and tax returns completed at no extra cost?

Why on earth would you do anything else?

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