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Duport has put together a package of the best and most useful websites. Whether you want more in-depth information on subjects from climate change to computer disposal, energy to ethical investments, or would like to contact trade bodies and organisations, the list below is a great place to start.   

climate change – Climate Basics. A brief introduction to the Earth’s climate.


  1. greenhouse effect.  This free encyclopaedia explains the natural and man-made greenhouse effect.
  2. climate change  The scientific goals of the Global Carbon Project are to develop a complete picture of the global carbon cycle.   The excellent Planet Under Pressure series.

organisations  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  The IPPC's fourth assessment report on climate change and its potential impact is due out in 2007.
United Kingdom Climate Impacts Panel: Scenarios that show how the climate might change over the coming century.

The Hadley Centre for climate prediction and research.  Information on climate prediction from the subsidiary of the Met Office.

energy Energy Saving Trust.  This group is dedicated to promoting energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy sources. Carbon Trust. Organisation funded by the UK government to help business tackle their carbon emissions.  Tomorrow’s Climate Today’s Challenge:  Part of the climate change communication initiative led by Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Calculate your personal carbon footprint. This site has a good collection of recent articles on climate change. New Scientist is an excellent site for in-depth information, news and articles.  See especially the Climate Change special report.

websites containing general information on waste and recycling In-depth information on all you ever need to know about waste.  In particular the Waste in the Workplace and Legislation Affecting Waste are sections well worth a look and the wacky facts make you stop and think.  The Recycle More site has a Recycling Bank Locator, enabling visitors to locate their nearest recycling banks (with a map) and in-depth information about waste. The National Recycling Forum directory. Buy and sell reclaimed second hand building materials.  Community Recycling Network promotes community waste management in the UK. (CRN) is Europe’s recycling marketplace with links to directories of commercial recycling businesses.  Trade association  for toner cartridge recycling. Envirowise is a government organisation aimed at businesses and offers free, independent advice on practical ways to minimise waste and convert turnover into a profit. commercial recycling businesses. 

useful websites and organisations for computer disposal Envirowise website for detailed information on the WEEE directive coming into force in 2007. has useful information and websites.  You need to have 25 or more PCs to use this service.  Digital Links International is a registered charity that provides fuss-free collection, certified data erasure and assumption of legal liabilities and has given 1 million people access to their first IT. This is a ‘matching’ service for individuals and organisations to donate their unwanted equipment to UK charities, not for profit organisations and educational establishments.  It is ideal for those with just one or two computers etc to dispose of.  Computer Aid International is a registered charity which recycles computer technology to developing nations, working with other organisations.  Computers for the Disabled is a registered charity and non profit organisation, provides computers for disabled individuals and groups in the UK.  Gives useful information on how and where to donate unwanted computers.     

useful sites and organisations for energy British Hydropower Associations (BHA) British Photovoltaic Association (PV-UK) for information about solar energy in the UK and abroad.  British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA) Renewable Power Association Scottish Renewables

useful websites and organisations  Friends of the Earth no longer produces green energy league tables but is an excellent site for information on green issues, plus extensive relevant documents.  Greenpeace promotes Juice, developed by npower in partnership with Greenpeace.  Juice does not cost any more than normal npower electricity. National Energy Foundation provides information on renewable energy   Offers solutions and a wide variety of useful information.   Supplies only 100% renewable energy and has no interests in non-renewable technologies.  It sources its energy from wind farms across the UK. Ecotricity build and supply new sources of renewable energy to homes and businesses and plough profits back into building new sources of green electricity.   Provides information on all many companies providing green electricity.   Green Energy (UK)PLC want to create an environmentally responsible  electricity supply industry and offer  two green tariffs, one to provide 10 % of green electricity at price  set at the same level as your regional electricity supplier, and the other, Green Energy 100 is 100% pure green electricity at a small premium over your regional electricity supplier.  Green Energy plans to reinvest up to 50% of profits back into UK renewable electricity generation projects and buy all their renewable energy from British sources.  RSPB Energy has a green price plan. Action Renewables is a Northern Ireland based company.  The Carbon Trust, the independent, government funded company that helps business and the public cut carbon emissions and supports the development of low carbon technologies.  Centres for Alternative Technology (CAT)  DTI, Energy Saving Trust.

fair trade and ethical organisations and institutions   The Fairtrade Foundation promotes fair-trade and products bearing the Fairtrademark, and there is also a directory of local Fairtrade groups in the UK. The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is an alliance of companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and trade union organisations.  It promotes and improves the implementation of corporate codes of practice which cover supply chain working conditions.  IFAT is the global network of fair trade organisations and it aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged producers by linking and promoting fair trade organisations and working towards greater justice in world trade.  The IFAT administer the Fair Trade Organisation mark, which means standards are being met regarding working conditions, wages, child labour and the environment. The Trade Justice Movement is a group of organisations including trade unions, aid agencies, environment and human rights campaigns, fair-trade organisations, faith and consumer groups.  They campaign for trade justice

useful websites for green purchasing  Friends of the Earth Scotland.  This is an excellent site and businesses can submit an online audit to see how green their companies really are.  ARENA, in Northern Ireland, provides guidance on ‘Greening the Supply Chain’. For those companies who have developed their environmental management, and wish to encourage their suppliers to do the same, ARENA is able to facilitate the process of supply chain management, with tailored programmes to suit individual company requirements.  NetRegs provides free environmental guidance for small businesses in the UK.  Helps businesses protect the environment and show   ways to use resources more efficiently.  Has all current and future legislation information and will email businesses on latest changes.  This Green Guide on best practice has lots of useful information although it is aimed at buyers in government departments.  It has  key tips and action sheets on specific procurement areas, such as batteries and paper.   Useful information on environmental purchasing.


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