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Getting your company on the web can dramatically boost your profile and your sales. But how can you make the most of your site? These articles can help you find out.

business tips for ebay

If you plan to make a fortune as a hotshot eBay trader you can help yourself considerably by following a few golden rules.

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colour jargon

CMYK, RGB, SPOT, PANTONEā€¦ what does it all mean?

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real web design

There is a tendency for a person with a modicum of skill in programming or design to declare themselves a "Web Designer" But serious websites demand a multi-disciplined approach that require the high level skills of programmers working in unison with experienced designers.

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internet sites, daunting things

Internet sites, daunting things unless you have a helpful fourteen year old son or were brought up on computers; but as every PR Company will tell you, internet advertising is an efficient and cost effective way of generating business for your company.

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the inland revenue is watching the growth of ebay traders

The Inland Revenue is watching the growth of eBay traders with great interest, since reports that over 50 000 Britons earn income from online auctions.

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starting an ebay business

Thousands of entrepreneurs across the country start businesses using eBay, the online auction site, and its potential is phenomenal.

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