guides relating to business protection

Business protection covers a range of issues, including financial security and how to comply with laws and regulations. These guides offer advice and information about different ways to protect your company, from having a business continuity plan to registering a trademark.

introduction to new UK money laundering regulations 2007

On 15th December 2007 The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 came into force, which means that businesses affected by Money Laundering Regulations must now register with HMRC and many will also will have to apply for a new ‘fit and proper test’.

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how to apply for fit and proper test under the money laundering regulations

HMRC will decide whether it can register your business when you fill in the MLR101 form. Download from or phone 0845 010 9000 to request the form.

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faqs for money laundering regulations

which companies need to register with HMRC under new MLR?
The types of companies outlined below must register with HMRC and put anti money laundering systems in place so they can identify and prevent money laundering and report any suspicious transactions.

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frequently asked questions about business continuity planning

Business continuity planning simply means anticipating the crises and problems that could affect a business if a disaster should happen, for example a flood, a long term power cut, a terrorist attack.

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how can businesses reduce risk of climate change effects and other disasters?

Make a Business Resilience Plan to satisfy yourself you could cope in an emergency. Firstly check building and contents insurance are adequate and considers extra insurance, especially for business interruption.

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don't get burned

New fire safety regulations are set to came into force last October, but how do they affect your business?

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protect your business against corporate identity theft

Identity fraud increasingly affects business. One of the biggest problems for companies is that fraudsters can submit forms to Companies House which enable them to change the names of company directors and the registered address of the company.

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it's the law

The problem with legal stuff for most of us is that we are usually not sure where we stand. More often than not what we actually want is advice not legal action.

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why are trademarks rejected?

If your trademark a does not have a distinctive word, logo, picture or other sign that clearly identify your goods or services from those of other traders it will be rejected. Similarly if someone else has already registered or applied to register a trademark which looks or sounds the same or similar to yours for the same or similar goods or services you can forget it.

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What is an IVA? Or is it called an AVI? Financial jargon is somewhat, like the calculations required in the painful thrust of Sudoku! But fear not - here comes your moment of exasperation.

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how to work with a lawyer

Solicitors have a reputation for being expensive, yet their services are indispensable for certain specialised services.

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introduction to business continuity

Identity fraud increasingly affects business. One of the biggest problems for companies is that fraudsters can submit forms to Companies House enabling them to change the names of company directors.

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