about business confidence reports

Access current and historic business performance and trend data for any area of the United Kingdom.

Data and reports are available at town and county level, detailing the following statistics:

  • New company registrations
  • Closed companies
  • Net company growth
  • UK company share
  • Director age
  • Director gender
  • Naming trends
  • SIC data
  • Examples of companies

All counties and only towns where over 100 new companies are registered per year offer quarterly Duport Business Confidence Reports detailing the above information.

For localities below the 100 company registration threshold, only summary data is provided.

The data contained in these reports is assimilated and analysed by Duport using public record data from sources including Companies House, Office for National Statistics and Ordnance Survey.

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0.

Duport Business Confidence Reports are free to use in compliance with our usage license for this data.