how do I send email as
To do this, you will need a "pop3" mail box. This means that email is stored for you on a special type of computer, called an email server, by whoever hosts your domain. You will then enter some special settings into a mail program on your computer such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express (there are others as well, but there are too many types to mention them all). This is called your mail client, and will be the program you use to send and receive your email.
can I have people send mail to, and receive it in my hotmail or yahoo mail?
Yes, this is called forwarding. It is a bit like giving the post office a mail forwarding address. Mail will be automatically and instantly forwarded to the mail account you choose. The limitation with this arrangement, is that you cannot send or reply to mail as, it would instead be sent from for instance.
can I use more than one pop3 mail box?
It is quite common for smaller companies to have many mail addresses such as, and This gives your customers the impression that you are a larger organisation than you actually might be, and is particularly useful when used on a website. You may have these as separate pop3 mailboxes, or you might have some of them as forwarders. The prefixes you use (i.e. sales, enquiries etc...) are entirely up to you. There is no reasonable limit to the number of pop3 mailboxes you may have.
what is email forwarding?
Email forwarding is the electronic equivalent of a PO Box. Someone may send mail to you at an address that does not have full email facilities (pop3) but does have a re-routing instruction (forwarding) that sends the message on to another email address. Email forwarding is free with domains registered through Duport Associates.
how do I set up the email address in my computer
We have also created online tutorials to help you with two of the most popular email programs. But if you have a friend or relation who understand these things, you may do well to have them sit with you and explain it. Unfortunately, because everyone's computers and set ups are different, Duport cannot offer individual advice or support in connection with settings on your computer.

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