tax returns

tax returns

Deadline approaching?

Get your sole trader accounts and tax return completed by a qualified accountant.

Sole trader with a bundle of receipts that need turning into accounts?

Will all your paperwork fit into one A4 sized envelope?

As long as all of your paperwork will fit into the envelope we provide for you and you meet the criteria below then this service could be just what you've been looking for!

how it works...

  • We'll send you your forms and envelope
  • Answer all the questions on the form, sign it and return it with your paperwork
  • We'll produce your tax return and send it to you for electronic signature
  • Once it's signed we'll submit it to HMRC for you

We can give you the cheapest quote to get things up to date and continue to manage your accounting.

You can use this service if you receive income from any (or all!) of the following sources:

  • Bank interest
  • Dividends
  • Employment
  • Sole trader / self employment / CIS subcontractor
  • Rental properties

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Get a precise monthly quote for your accounts by answering the three questions below.

Package includes:

  • Please select the company type, the number of employees and whether you are VAT registered.


Using your bank statements, bills and invoices, we build a systematic financial record of your transactions.

Monthly Management of Accounts

Your profit and loss and balance sheet. This report tells you how your business is doing and helps you make important decisions on expenditure and dividends.

Preparation of Annual Accounts

Each year you must disclose the financial position of your company (if you are a limited company you must also file this with Companies House). Your annual accounts will include your balance sheet and your profit & loss.


SA100 self assessment tax return forms must be filed with HMRC declaring tax liability for individuals, most typically if you are self employed, a controlling company director or if you receive income beyond regular PAYE.


CT600 tax return forms must be filed with HMRC declaring tax liability on profits for companies within 12 months of year end.

SA800 Partnership Tax Return

SA800 tax return forms must be filed with HMRC declaring tax liability on profits for partnerships.

VAT Returns

If you are registered for VAT you must notify HMRC precisely how much you have bought, sold and how much you owe them. We will provide you with the exact numbers making this a 5 minute job for you each quarter.