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Expansion can mean a lot of different things in business. It can be new ideas and direction, hiring new staff, or a new marketing campaign. However you are trying to grow, these guides contain vital information to help you on your way.

advertising agencies

Mixing your marketing strategy so that it falls into a variety of areas will bring optimum exposure to your business and whether big or small, a company will always benefit from advertising.

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are you a business entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial characteristics are those that make a person stand out from the crowd: Creativity, persistence, self-belief, passion, leadership, ambition, enthusiasm and commitment.

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diy design and print

Image is everything in business and there are a million and one avenues to investigate that will further advance your success.

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building a customer database

Customers are the bread and butter of business for they are what make a company fruitful and it is therefore important to know who your customers are, as well as their needs.

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calling cards

Calling card, visiting card or trade card; whatever the history the intention of a business card remains the same – to get potential customers to call you. Integral to making a lasting first impression, ensuring you are the one who gets that call, every good Salesperson needs to realise that there is more involved in the creation of a card that will secure you business than meets the eye.

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coming up with ideas

Fate has a lot to answer for. We leave it to fate when we’re looking for a relationship and we hold fate responsible when something goes wrong but leads to something better. However, is it safe to leave the materialisation of a business idea to fate? Or are there some steps you can take to ensure you come up with those that are innovative, original, and ultimately viable?

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finding your market

Marketing is about offering the right product, to the right people, at the right price, at the right time, and ensuring they understand the benefits of buying from you. Here is what's involved.

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grants for small businesses

Grants are given to help businesses that cannot find finance. The main feature of a grant is that it is not repayable, and as such, is certainly worth looking at as a source of finance.

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how does leasing work

There are many types of leasing but, fundamentally, all fit one of two categories:

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how to cold call

Whether you like it or not, at some stage, you are going to have to pick up the phone and ask a complete stranger if they want to buy your products or services. Here is how to do it.

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how to leap-frog your competitors

When setting up a business you need to find out about your competitors. And once up and running, you need to keep tabs on them. Such knowledge can give you a distinct competitive edge.

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how to reinvent yourself to stand out from the crowd

How do you differentiate your business from those of your rivals? If you operate in a competitive market selling much the same products and services as everyone else consider this:

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top tips on branding

Building and managing a brand can make you first choice for customers. Because brands give potential customers a good idea of what they are buying, it makes purchasing decisions easier.

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innovation & invention

Ever fancied yourself as an inventor? Do you spend days dreaming about coming up with a product that no-one else has thought of, and making a success of it? Then maybe now is the time to chase those ideas, pluck them out of the sky and set them firmly on solid ground.

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insider secrets

If you want to find out what your competition would rather you didn't know, read on.

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invention promotion firms

Every year thousands of people try to develop and market their ideas commercially. Some are daunted by the procedures and paperwork involved and use the services of invention promotion firms,

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local authority contracts

Local authorities in England and Wales spend £25 billion a year on goods and services. Much of this is up for grabs by local companies, especially now procurement has moved online and there is a concerted effort not just to get value for money, but also to foster links with local firms.

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moving office

When you’ve outgrown your office premises and want to move somewhere bigger you need to plan your move carefully and well in advance to minimise disruption.

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should I seek venture capital

Venture capital is a means of securing a significant capital investment where avenues such as personal funding and bank loans may not be available or appropriate. This investment is used to fund the growth and development of the business, turning the potential value of your company into hard cash as quickly as possible.

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taking your entrepreneurial self further

After much deliberation, assessment and thought, you have decided you have the skills of an entrepreneur and want to go ahead and set up your own business. So, what’s next?

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to float or not to float

Normally, when you first start up a business, you tend to keep it small and pretty simple. The company is formed and registered, shares are allocated as directors see fit and you begin trading.

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